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  • International Certified Holistic Association when only the best Spiritual, Metaphysical, Holistic Practitioners, Products, Events, and Services will do. Here at certifiedholisticguide.com, we help your holistic business maintain an excellent online expert rating and social media presence.  International Certified Holistic Association assists members Generate More Business, Get More Sales and Leads, Advertise to Targeted Consumers, Improve Their Ranking, Grow Brand Recognition, Boost Traffic, and Increase Booking. We expose your business to several media and advertising platforms.

  • Our prestigious membership lists you with some of the best psychics, mediums, holistic experts, authors, teachers, businesses, events, and services. Members proudly display their distinguished  International Certified Holistic Association member badge on all of their websites, media, marketing, and social media platforms. Clients are able to verify membership and use our platform 24/7.

How to Maximize the Potential of Your Holistic Content

  • Content marketing is the best way to increase your online business presence and attract more customers. Although the quality of your links and backlinking remains a vital factor, quality content remains king. The way you present your content is even more crucial than randomly uploading poor content with the wrong choice of keywords and hoping for your business to grow.

  • In the member corner, which we will regularly update, you will learn how to excellently promote your holistic busing using quality content marketing techniques and also learn how to optimize your content in the best way entirely. Understanding how to use our Holistic Marketing platform can allow you to promote and grow your holistic business. 

Marketing Your Holistic Business

  • As a  Spiritual, Metaphysical, Holistic Practitioners, Products, Events,  Services, or Business owner, if you are having trouble marketing your business, I can assure you that you are in the right place. At the moment, interest in holistic health is growing sporadically and with people turning to the internet every second to get information on products and services.  Failure to give your online business presence is a sure way to miss over half of your customers. Developing a website for your business is an excellent way to start, but the challenge lies in how to market and attract potential customers to your holistic business.

  • It can be overwhelming to market your holistic business, and several poor marketing practices are swirling around that are very likely to pressure on your customers. This form of marketing practices does not align with the morals or principles of holistic professionals. The International Certified Holistic Association helps take the customers' pressure by facilitating a comfortable environment for them to make an informed decision.

  • One of the overwhelming issues holistic professionals encounter is marketing to the right audience. The International Certified Holistic Association solves this challenge by forming a community, particularly for people seeking holistic professionals, and for holistic professionals trying to market their business. With this, your odds of getting potential customers increases because they are searching for the services you offer. With the directory, you can also create marketing videos and sell your products directly to potential customers. You will also be allowed access to social media marketing, giving you a broader target audience. 

  • Driving potential customers to your website is a significant challenge faced by Holistic professionals. The International Certified Holistic Association permits you to link your website from the directory. The benefit of this is that search engines will recognize that your website is connected to a site with authority, and rank your site higher on the net. When someone in your area searches for holistic therapists, your business profile will come up as one of the top rankings within the directory.

  • The International Certified Holistic Association enables efficient and smart marketing with the potential to bring in more customers. The directory helps the customers search for holistic professionals in their area, and then analyze the reviews, quotes, and full profiles of each holistic professional. With the information you provide on your profile, it becomes easier for customers to contact you for your holistic services. This allows you to extend and develop your reputation, distinguish yourself, and appear unique through your profile, reviews, and rates.

  • You are fundamentally making your holistic business accessible by bringing it to the International Certified Holistic Association. You are also creating the opportunity to share information, discuss, and create enthusiasm to strengthen the connection between clients and other professionals in your field. You will also be provided access to events, discount coupons, and articles that help keep you updated on the latest trends, save your money and link you with several holistic professionals. By directly working together, we can delineate marketing and focus on how the clients prefer to do business while building lasting relationships. 

Multiple Profiles Helps Promote Your Holistic Practice

  • Career-wise, many of us wear double hats, and perhaps you are a life coach, psychic, yoga instructor, newage store owner, and a personal trainer. This implies that when you join ICHA, you can only have one profile that has one primary department selected. That means that you can only choose either the fitness category or personal training and forgo the life coach,  adding multiple profiles solves an enormous challenge.

Market Your Holistic Practice

  • Now you can now manage two different profiles that cover two areas of your business. This is a welcome inclusion to your membership, which helps you grow your holistic business using our excellent content marketing platform.

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